Visiting Rotarians

Husband and wife Lin Hsi Ching and Hui Chun Sung attended our July 26 meeting, along with their son. They are from different Rotary clubs in Taiwan, where Hui is President Elect of her club. They will be traveling throughout the States, and hope to return to Las Vegas before heading home. This delightful family enjoyed our meeting as much as we enjoyed having them!


In order to get to know our fellow Rotarians, the Las Vegas Spring Mountains Rotary Club will focus on Craft Talks. These are a few minutes devoted to a specific member at each Program/Dinner meeting. Check back for updates.

August 1 – Reeta Thukral

September 5 – Alison

October 3 – Patrick

November 7 – Jerry

December 5  – Gloria

February 6. 2019 – Carrie

March 6 – Helen

April 3 – Jan

May 1 – Kelly

June 5 – Will

Project 150: High School Is Tough Enough

Brooke Allen-Bernstein Project 150

Last night’s program, Project 150, rang of all kinds of resonant chords.  It seems to us that Project 150 is a group our club might really partner with.

Just to recap, Project 150 was created “to offer support and services to homeless high school students so they have what they need to continue school and be successful in life.”

Why do we think Project 150 is a good match for our club?

One major need these kids have is hygiene essentials, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brushes…. Does this sound familiar? We’re already doing personal care kits.

We’re a club without deep pockets, but with members willing to put in some sweat equity on the right project.

Another major need these kids have is clothing, school clothing in the autumn, perhaps prom clothing and job interview clothing in the spring.  How hard would it be for a few of us to head up a clothing drive? 

Project 150 also has opportunities for the club to volunteer time as a group – another good sweat equity match for us that builds fellowship while serving the community.

The new Rotary Year is coming up fast.  We’d like to encourage our incoming president, Patrick, to include Project 150 as a worthwhile focus for community service in his board’s plan and budget for RY 2016-17.