Job1 Launch




March 16, 2019 was the very first Job1 session, meeting with 10 clients at St. Jude’s Ranch, all of whom were anxious to get started.

The three-hour session was informative, lively and informal. Our goal is to equip young adults with tools and handy information to make the process of looking for a job a bit easier, less scary and definitely more accessible. If this first session is indicative, we have a hit on our hands! 


The Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as the Southern Nevada Housing Authority are interested in Job1. And, St. Jude’s wants to book another! The best part, all were engaged and expressed their confidence that they left with some valuable information.


Every attendee received comprehensive information in a bound  book and on a flash drive, both were theirs to take away. Computers were available for them to work while in session, and any work they did was saved on the flash drive for later use.